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Lower back pain is so common just about every adult has suffered from it at one time or another. Pain in the low back can come from a wide variety of sources; poor posture, lack of exercise, a car accident, work or personal injury, just to name a few. Knowing where to start treating your lower back pain can be challenging. There are endless stretches, exercises and other remedies that guarantee success, but the vast majority rarely bring relief. If you want success in fixing a lower back problem, you need assistance from someone who’s completed years of training in musculoskeletal therapy. For over 100 years, chiropractic care has been the #1 best solution for lower back pain. Millions have had their freedom of movement restored to them, pain-free, through chiropractic adjustments. That’s right; you don’t have to live with lower back pain forever!


A Tanzanian woman receives a chiropractic adjustment from Spinal Health Chiropractic Center in Dar Es Salaam for her scoliosis.

The bottom part of your spine consists of only five vertebrae, fewer than even your neck, and yet it performs a herculean task of keeping you upright nearly every hour of the day you’re not sleeping! The lower back is where your spine connects to your pelvis, and it bears the total weight of your upper body. As we go about our daily activities, the muscles and tendons surrounding that precious part of the spine can tire and weaken, resulting in the vertebrae shifting from their ideal alignment. Before you know it, your lower back is out of alignment, and all it takes is one wrong twist or turn to injure the complex system of muscles, nerves and joints.

A bad slip-and-fall, car accident, or some other kind of impact can also cause a lower back injury. When your low back is misaligned or injured, it sends out pain signals that are difficult to mask with pain medication and can make all aspects of your life, even sleep, difficult to enjoy. Lower back pain can extend beyond just simple pain and can include a variety of other symptoms like muscle spasms, stiffness or tingling. A bulging or herniated disc can also be the culprit behind low back pain, as can physical activities like heavy lifting or intense sports.

For some people, their low back pain is worse in the morning than at other times. Others experience it the most while sitting, but it begins to go away if they go for a walk. For others, they experience a sharp pain that runs down their legs, an affliction known as sciatica. But for most people, low back pain means a dull ache in their hips, lower back or pelvis.

There are a few other factors that can contribute to lower back pain. Smoking has been linked to lower back pain, as it increases inflammation and hinders the body’s natural healing functions. Obesity is a significant factor in lower back pain, as well. The lower back can struggle to hold up the weight of a person suffering from obesity, and pain can result. Low back pain can also be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, but the opposite is also true; overly strenuous physical activity can cause low back pain.


Spinal Health Chiropractic Center spinal examIt’s estimated that low back pain treatment costs up to $200 billion annually in the US, and it’s a leading cause of disability worldwide. The standard treatment for lower back pain has been prescription pain medication. In addition to not treating the cause of the pain but simply masking it, this method has contributed to the opioid crisis plaguing the world today. 

Studies have shown that chiropractic therapy is a safe and effective treatment for lower back pain, and it costs a fraction of what surgery or pain meds do. Chiropractors are trained to properly administer chiropractic spinal alignments that can target your lower back pain at its source and eliminate it for good. Through posture coaching and recommended stretches and exercises, chiropractic care can help you prevent low back pain from happening in the first place.

Dr. David and Dr. Danielle have been certified, accredited Chiropractors in Dar Es Salaam for many years and have gained extensive experience in treating issues and injuries that result in lower back pain.

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